Typical Appliance Issues and Solutions

Not every appliance problem needs a fully equipped and licensed technician to repair those. In numerous cases, the fixes are simple enough to handle yourself in just a few minutes or hours. Before you call for a professional to assist you, keep your home appliances running smoothly with these procedures from our appliance experts.

1. Dirty and Smelly Washing Machine

Do you have an idea that a bad odor in your washing machine can defeat or break the great purpose of the appliance? Are you trying to get your uniforms, shirts, shorts, and any other clothes clean and fresh, but your machine is not functioning accordingly? You run an empty cycle of hot water in your washer with a couple of cups of white vinegar and a half-cup of baking soda to destroy and kill all the bacterias and remove its unusual smell. You get through to any future odors by leaving the washer’s door open between washes to let it dry out.

2. Ticking and Clicking Igniter on Gas Stove

Does the igniter on your gas stove is ticking without lighting the burner? As an owner, you need to check your stove to ensure your burner cap is in its right position and properly aligned.

You may experience or encounter this kind of circumstance if you have had a spill on your stovetop just recently. To clean your stove up, you should remove the burner cap and wipe away all the dirty elements surrounding it. You can also use a metal pin as an alternative to taking away all the debris from the grooves.

If it does not solve the main issue, don’t take a lighter apart without proper training in handling any repairs; call an expert technician to diagnose and fix those for you.

3. Inefficient Refrigerator

Whenever you are struggling with your fridge that is not cooling well, it may not need an expert for the repair work; it could just need proper cleaning and maintenance. If that’s the case, the coils at the back of the fridge need cleaning. So, you try to unplug the refrigerator and pull it out from the wall before giving the coils a deep and thorough vacuuming. If you don’t notice instant cooling improvement with your fridge, you better call and hire a professional, like American Service Alliance, for diagnostic and repair.

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