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Friendly and Professional Team of Home Service Providers You Can Rely On in National City

American Service Alliance had been providing quality services in plumbing, HVAC, ductwork, appliances, and electrical throughout National City and the surrounding areas for years. As a reputable company and trusted by countless residents and business owners, you can always count on American Service Alliance in providing you the most cost-effective solutions for all your home service needs. 

Why Trust the Expert Team of American Service Alliance?

Having our team of fully qualified, certified, and licensed technicians, plumbers, and electricians, you will have peace of mind knowing that you have entrusted all your home service needs to the best professionals in the industry. Whether your problem is within your plumbing or electrical systems, or your appliance breaks down, or is it your ductwork or HVAC needs repair services, we got your back! There is nothing our team cannot do, so when the problem occurs, our professional team is the right one to call!

Here is why we are so successful and become one of the leading home service providers in National City:

  • We provide fast response time on all our services offered.
  • We conduct background checks on all our employees to ensure you are in great hands.
  • We offer free estimates, affordable rates, and excellent quality services.
  • Our plumbing, HVAC, ADC, appliance, and electrical services comply with all the local and state codes.

Contact American Service Alliance today at (619) 369-0110 for all your home services needs!


stars Ileana Krebsbach

Artur was an excellent technician. I would definitely request him again.
The company stands by its word and is very honest.

stars Carole Holt

My water system went down and they came out to fix it the next day. They did a great job and were very professional. Thanks Andrew, Ben and team for your positive attitude and outstanding service.

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Appliance Repair

At some point, even high-quality home appliances will break down or require a specialized fix. American Service Alliance specializes in appliance repair for National City residents to include refrigerator repairs, oven repairs, and washer or dryer repairs with most brands including Sub-Zero Kitchen Appliances, Thermador Kitchen Appliances, Viking Kitchen Appliances, GE & GE Monogram Kitchen Appliances, and more. They are an approved and licensed service center for leading appliance manufacturers and can be trusted for hassle-free repairs to help make appliances last their full lifespan.

HVAC Installation and Repair

American Service Alliance specializes in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning installation and repairs. Many residents in National City will at some point experience a variety of issues surrounding their HVAC system not cooling properly or the central air conditioning system leaking. It is important for homeowners to stay cool and comfortable during the many warm Southern California months and American Service Alliance can help. 

indoor air quality

National City residents concerned about the alarming issue of air pollution can utilize the services of American Service Alliance to improve the quality of their indoor air with an air duct cleaning. This will help promote healthier living and may help those living with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues.


American Service Alliance offers highly-trained electricians to install residential and commercial systems throughout the National City area. Their electrical services include ensuring the systems and equipment are kept in good order to avoid issues like a short circuit and they will do a full re-check to ensure homeowners will not experience any issues after the appointment.


It is incredibly important to ensure plumbing systems are properly maintained, but this can be a complicated system for the average National City homeowner. The certified plumbers at American Service Alliance can be trusted to maintain, install, and complete repairs on all plumbing systems. They can be contacted about leaking pipes, low water pressure, clogged drains, and any other plumbing issues.