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Santa Clarita is a popular choice for many to settle down thanks to its central location and proximity to LA while still offering plenty of outdoor recreation and signature Southern California adventure. The city is home to a variety of theme parks, upscale shopping centers, and charming neighborhoods that make it an incredibly family-friendly spot. It is even considered to be the thrill capital of the world thanks to Six Flags Magic Mountain and various other attractions!

Families and residents of Santa Clarita need to rely on trusted home services for maintenance, repairs, remodeling, and more. American Service Alliance serves Santa Clarita and the surrounding areas of LA county with top quality services from skilled and licensed technicians in a variety of specialties. These experts can affordably handle a number of service needs for homeowners and business owners including appliance repairs, heating and cooling system installation, electrical work, plumbing services, and much more. 

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Artur was an excellent technician. I would definitely request him again.
The company stands by its word and is very honest.

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My water system went down and they came out to fix it the next day. They did a great job and were very professional. Thanks Andrew, Ben and team for your positive attitude and outstanding service.

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Appliance Repair

Oftentimes, Santa Clarita homeowners may get stuck with an appliance issue they unsure how to fix. It is important to have these working properly in order to avoid serious issues completing basic household tasks.

Those experiencing issues with their refrigerator may discover that it is leaking, not cooling or freezing, not making or dispensing ice, not turning on, or making strange noises. The American Service Alliance repair technicians specialize in fixing fridges from both common and high end brands.

Ovens and cooktops are more important appliances to keep in working order. If they are not heating, lighting, or showing error codes, a quick call to the service professionals at this Santa Clarita home service company will help homeowners manage the issue quickly

The same goes for dishwashers, dryers, washers, and other common appliances. The technicians at American Service Alliance have seen it all and can troubleshoot and diagnose root problems on the spot to bring in effective fixes!

Those living in Santa Clarita in need of an appliance repair can count on the specialists at American Service Alliance. They are approved and licensed to handle various repairs on major appliance brands. Homeowners can check their warranty and schedule a repair in a 3-hour window on weekdays and weekends for a number of needs.

HVAC Installation and Repair

To ensure premium comfort during every season in Santa Clarita, American Service Alliance is trusted for repair services for heating and cooling systems. Homeowners may find themselves stuck in a warm California summer with a leak in the system or a system that doesn’t cool the house down properly. These technicians can quickly and effectively manage the problem!

They also provide central HVAC system installation services and thermostat installation services for home throughout Santa Clarita. The American Service Alliance HVAC specialists will make sure the entire process is easy, transparent, efficient, and affordable for homeowners!

Air Duct Cleaning

An air duct cleaning can greatly improve the quality of air inside a home, reducing allergens and irritants and promoting better health for everyone living inside the house. American Service Alliance offers affordable, thorough air duct cleaning services to the Santa Clarita area.

This company has been trusted to provide quality air duct cleaning services because they have thorough experience with many HVAC systems. Homeowners should get in contact with them to learn about additional services that might improve indoor air quality such as:


American Service Alliance can also be hired for electrical services throughout Santa Clarita. Their technicians are highly-trained to handle electrical system installations and repairs for both residential and commercial purposes. These technicians will even schedule a recheck after the initial appointment or service to ensure it is working properly and to help homeowners and business owners avoid the risk of future wiring issues.

These Santa Clarita area electricians are trained to handle a number of services surrounding electrical work including:


A clogged drain or low water pressure can begin to cause a hassle for many homeowners. Left untended, small plumbing issues can cascade into larger leaks or issues that will require extensive and costly repairs. American Service Alliance serves Santa Clarita with excellent plumbing services.

These plumbing specialists will visit a residence and take time to inspect the entire plumbing system including pipes, tanks, tubes, HVAC systems, waste removals, potable waters, and drainages. They will offer a full diagnosis and can perform any services that are needed including toilet installations, water heater installations, sewer line replacements, and other maintenance needs.

American Service Alliance technicians will investigate problems and ensure plumbing repairs and services are done right the first time!

Trusted Technicians for Any Santa Clarita Home Services

No matter the need, the trusted technicians from American Service Alliance are licensed and trained to handle a variety of repairs, installations, and more. They provide careful, reasonable workmanship in their individual specialties to ensure Santa Clarita homeowners are getting the very best services at affordable rates. In fact, this company was founded by reliable technicians hoping to meet needs and cater to customers with a one-stop-shop solution for every home service and maintenance need. They will go the extra mile to ensure the satisfaction of their customers!

Book an appointment with American Service Alliance for any home or business in the Santa Clarita area. Customers will not need to pay anything before the work is done and can feel confident that they will receive transparent pricing on all services from repair technicians and installation experts!