Increase Your Home’s Value with These Strategic Renovations

In today’s competitive housing market, renovating a house to increase its resale value is a common practice. Especially for those who own older houses and are looking to sell, investing in strategic upgrades to one’s is a surefire way to maximize the price it’ll fetch on the market. Design trends are moving faster and faster; decor and technology that were popular 2 years ago are comparatively ancient to what currently exists, especially with the rise in prominence of SmartHome technology. Keeping up with these trends is essential for anyone looking to increase the value of their house. But there are countless renovations in which one could invest, so how to decide?

Understanding how to make effective renovations is key to maximizing the value of a property while saving money in the process. Many undertake the renovations themselves, relying on the employees at hardware and furniture stores for advice. While performing the renovation alone will surely save labor costs, the risk of doing a poor or inadequate job, possibly requiring more work, is rarely worth taking. Those who are looking to upgrade their house should research HVAC services in Pasadena to ensure they receive the most competitive pricing for their renovation needs.

A useful way of thinking about renovation is dividing them up into two categories: functional and aesthetic. Functional upgrades to a house add to its longevity, increase its safety, and add to the overall quality of life to its inhabitants. Aesthetic upgrades add to a house’s appearance, but stylistic sensibilities are often subjective, so these types of upgrades require a bit more research than functional upgrades. Combining the two types of renovations is an effective way to add thousands of dollars of value to your house. For both aesthetic and functional housing renovations, be sure to research home services in Pasadena.


An important factor when considering a renovation for increased house value is the impact on the quality of living. While it is important to have an attractive exterior and interior, a nice-looking house is worthless if no one wants to live in it. Investing in technology that improves the quality of life in your house is an excellent way to add to its market value. Air-conditioning is a renovation that drastically improves the quality of life in a house. Especially in hot and humid areas, air-conditioning makes a dramatic difference in how a family enjoys their house in the warmer months.

Air-conditioning is becoming increasingly common as global temperatures rise, and demand for air-conditioned properties is also on the rise. Air-conditioning units, like those by HVAC services in Santa Clarita, usually sit outside and pump cool air throughout the house via a centralized ventilation system. For older houses, it is possible for home services in Santa Clarita to upgrade the forced-air heating system to function with a central air conditioning. A simple renovation like this can transform a hot and stuffy old house into a vintage dream home.

Air-duct cleaning

A house’s air quality has a tremendous impact on its residents. Air that is filled with dust and germs can affect the health of those who breathe it in, not to mention cause dirt to build up on flat surfaces. Portable air purifiers are generally designed to work in single rooms, and buying multiple air purifiers would be impractical. So, how do you go about ensuring that a house’s air quality is adequate?

Air duct cleaning is an excellent precaution for improving the air quality of a house. Although small amounts of dust buildup in air vents do not pose a health risk for inhabitants if there is a considerable buildup of dust a duct-cleaning is recommended. A duct cleaning is also recommended if there has been mold detected in the air ducts, or if insects or rodents have been found to have made nests. The most effective precaution to ensure a house’s air quality is to regularly change your air filters.


As far as aesthetic renovations go, remodeling is a good way to modernize the look of a house. Remodeling can include updating furniture, changing fixtures and molding, changing appliances, and in some cases creating new house layouts. The extent of the remodeling will depend on two things: how the house currently looks and what the current trends in home design are. Older houses might not need as much aesthetic renovation as one might think, as certain sensibilities come back into style. Doing comprehensive research about the current industry trends in house design and decor is a crucial step for informing aesthetic renovation. If a renovation service is going to be performing the house upgrades, make sure that they offer up-to-date designs and fixtures.


This is probably the upgrade most people consider when trying to increase the value of their house. A new coat of paint covers over holes and imperfections sustained by the previous coat and offers the owner a chance to liven up their living space. Like furniture and house design, color trends are constantly changing. Understanding which colors to select and what designs to create is important to impress potential buyers, so pick carefully!

Many people opt to paint their houses themselves, as it does not seem overly difficult and the cost of materials is quite low. However, there are far more intricacies to painting than it might initially seem. Professional painters are experts at avoiding sloppy paint jobs, accidental spills, and chunky paint application. Hiring a painting team may seem unnecessary, but the difference in quality between an amateur paint job and a professional paint job is unavoidable.

Hire the Best in the Business

Renovations are the best way to maximize the value of your property, and knowing which renovations to invest in can mean the difference between a house selling for $250k and $325k. Be sure to enlist the services of a professional housing renovation and service provider to receive expert opinions and services. Don’t leave your property value up to chance!

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