Common Causes of Water Damage

Life is not possible without water. But for all its life-saving privileges, water can also be very destructive to hit your home. Water damage affects buildings and properties on so many levels. When water sneaks into any area of your home, your floor could soften and easily warp. It could also discolor beautifully decorated or painted walls. All the moisture will lead not only to mold buildup but also to their potential breeding ground. Worst of all, the water damage that is not immediately addressed through restoration could eventually weaken the foundation and cost you tens of thousands of dollars to repair or restore. The worst thing about water damage is that it can occur with no proper time. Let’s check out some common causes of water damage below.

Leaking Pipes

A loose pipe in the kitchen sink could leak enough water to damage the underneath cabinets. However, a broken pipe inside the walls could make things more complicated as the entire wall would be water damaged, and foster mold buildup and become a potential breeding ground. Additionally, a leaking plumbing supply line or a drainage pipe in the soil could lead you to costly repairs in the long run. 

Washer Water Supply Line Leak

Your washer is filled with water supply lines, and if these lines are made from braided stainless steel, then you have nothing to worry about leaking. The problem will be if your washer has rubber or PVC supply lines, as they can wear out and rupture that easily, which could lead your entire laundry room flooded in minutes if you won’t shut off the water source in time.

Condensation From Your Air Conditioner

Your AC unit has condensation. The drainage system will work until the drain pan is damaged or the condensate drain line is clogged with dust or dirt. With the water unable to escape, it will leak from your cooling system straight into your home. All that water dripping from your unit can damage the floor and walls.

Leaking Water Heater

If you have an old and outdated water heater, then the likelihood it will leak is high. The same goes for poorly maintained or badly installed water heaters, as the leak will bring too much pressure on the tank. When it leaks, expect your basement, or wherever located, to be flooded quickly.

Call American Service Alliance!

Preventing water damage may be challenging, but it is possible. Address the possible causes mentioned above immediately, and you just might have a chance of at least minimizing the damage it will cause. For a fully functional and leak-free home, give the professionals at American Service Alliance a call! We have a team of professionals who have the expertise, knowledge, and tools to diagnose any problem and resolve it successfully.  Whatever your needs are, whether it is a pipe installation, refrigerator or stove repairs, AC or furnace installation, air duct cleaning, or electrical rewiring services, we can handle it all! Rest assured that we are your only one-stop-shop company for a fully functional and stress-free home!